Bubbles In My Brain


A policeman sings, Baby did you drink?
I say: Hey man i´m only on the rink.
A gambler kiss someones wife
take my life or give me five -
in the trunk you have a godspeed taxidrive.

Veronica means, Manhattens Queens:
New York is full of beans.

There must be bubbles in my brain,
Love Pirates in my vein,
is this the link i think
to the sharks,
which are diving in my drink?

Paul Newman and the blues of Muddy
New York is made for everybody.
Salemaleikum, Harlem i like you
someone hook a ring from Tiffany.

Veronica says: What does it take?
Fifth Avenue or chinese fake.

I met a poor man at the corner
of course his harmony was not from hohner.
Sounds like a tin and a tub
I throw some coins in his cup -
New York is no bed of roses, fix it up.

Veronica says: It doesn´t matter,
be a star makes you feel better.


© Huckleberry Kid